Snowy trees, sun and blue skies in Swiss National Park which Muntagnard is helping to protect.


From the start, Muntagnard intended to be part of a holistic approach and find ways to support a good cause – supporting nature.  Our Activa Winter Mask is now giving us the opportunity to support something we truly believe in and feel the right connection with our roots. We have found the perfect fit for our purpose.

Sustainability and locality are important aspects of our company’s DNA, so it’s natural that we would support something local with sustainability at its core. As Muntagnard (Romansh for “people from the mountain”), we not only have a personal connection to Graubünden through our roots, but also as a company we use this connection to the mountains and nature as inspiration for our products and everything we do.

We embody the duality of the fast, forward-looking and ambitious life in the city with the calming, vital and rough beauty of nature. And one of Switzerland’s most calming and natural places is the official Swiss National Park in Graubünden, a reserve in which nature is protected from any human interference, and in particular, the entire fauna and flora are left to develop naturally.

We decided to create an “essentially different” approach towards a great cause. We offer the opportunity to choose between a regular product discount or directly contribute to the Swiss National Park. By choosing the “donate CHF 10.-“ when buying a mask, we pledge to donate CHF 10.- for every mask sold through our website from now on.

Being able to support such a unique sanctuary of our essential Swiss nature is a great privilege for us as a company and we are proud to donate a substantial part of our revenue of mask sales to protect and foster the natural life in Switzerland.

Learn more about the work and the achievements of the Swiss National Park. In case you already have a mask but still want to contribute, donations and support of this amazing natural habitat can also be placed directly through the website of Swiss National Park.


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