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Products with a story.

For us, “essentially different” means more than just rethinking products. It means taking the responsibility further. ReCircled makes it possible to give unique products a new life and to use products instead of owning them.


Give products with a story a second life

ReCircled – brought back into circulation. The necessary system change, which capitalizes on the principle of “reuse before recycling”, calls for a rethink. We see our ReCircled Shop as an important first step for us as a textiles brand. We have integrated a process to freshen up products with minor production defects or quality losses, as well as items of clothing that have already been worn. The intent is not only to extend the use phase of clothing, but to add unique value to products that are perceived to be less than perfect. If you have the same feeling about unique items, want to reduce your environmental impact or are simply looking for a good offer, visit our ReCircled Shop and find “essentially different” pieces.


Lease our LANA jacket and be part of the story

Tired of throwing away old clothes? Or are you worried about buying too many products? Not with LANA! From now on you can lease our LANA jacket and enjoy it for as long as you want – without having to buy it. As soon as you want to end the leasing period, we will be happy to take it back. LANA will get freshened up and made ready to write new stories with new people.


Help us close the circle

Our products are made to last by using the highest quality materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. The recycling process creates material that can be used in the production of new products. The recyclability of clothing and raw materials can currently only be guaranteed if we as a company feed them back into the appropriate cycles. To do that, we need to work with our customers. We therefore offer a voucher for every product that we get back at the end of its use phase. This approach not only makes it possible to close the circle, but to let everyone benefit from it: our customers, us as a company and the environment.

Are your products obsolete? Get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.

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