The future of fashion is circular. And circularity means more than just a move towards waste reduction and increased recycling. It is a paradigm shift – a new way of thinking about economic activity. We design and develop our products for circularity and the longevity of our garments is paramount. But to achieve the goal of keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, tackling the production side is not enough. Our responsibility as a brand goes further, and we want to take the next important step towards a circular economy: by rethinking consumption and collaborating with our consumers. We have therefore decided to give slightly flawed and used products a new life and are delighted to now offer a “pretty unique” shopping experience.

ReCircled: Products with a Story – Feeling like New

Returned items with only minor issues, slight product defects or factory seconds – pieces that we find simply too precious to be discarded off, yet cannot be normally sold again either – are among the rather unattractive pieces textile companies hold in stock. One could argue that selling those products is risky because it might send a wrong impression regarding the quality of the garments. However, we are in this game to rethink for systemic change and our principle is to reuse before recycle. Patagonia with “Worn Wear” and Eileen Fisher with “Renew” have shown: It is possible to sell products with a history. And we believe: It is necessary.

A new study conducted by Kearney reveals: “Secondhand shopping is now considered smart, cool, and sustainable”. Customers seem to be ready for a mindset change on the outdated prejudices of second-hand and second-choice products. We see our ReCircled shop concept as an important first step for our company. Next to offering products with minor production defects or small material issues, we have integrated a process to refresh and refurbish garments and give them a new life – bringing the premium into used and second-choice clothes. We intend to not only prolong the use phase of our apparel but embrace the imperfect by facilitating a treasure-hunt shopping experience. If you have the same feeling about truly exceptional pieces, want to lower your environmental impact, or simply seek a great deal, visit our ReCircled shop, and find your essentially unique pieces – with unparalleled stories.

Our Responsibility to Collaborate

“Out of sight out of mind” has been predominant for too long in the textile industry and extended producer responsibility (ERP) is only slowly getting the required traction. From purchase to disposal of the product, customers are typically left alone. Every day tons of textiles end up in landfills and valuable resources are simply wasted. We as a brand have committed ourselves to extend our responsibility beyond the production of clothing, providing ways for our consumers to act responsibly themselves.

Our products are designed for longevity by using materials of the highest quality, they are recyclable and biodegradable. Recycled at the material level they provide substance for new products. However, the recyclability of clothing and raw materials can currently only be guaranteed if we as a company return them to the appropriate cycles. Thus, to achieve this goal, we need to collaborate with our consumers to receive our garments back once they have reached the end of life. We have decided to set a sign and show how valuable our utilized materials are to us and are therefore buying back worn-out clothes. We provide a gift-card for every product we receive back, which can be used on new or reCircled products in our online shop. This approach not only enables closing the cycle and recirculating the materials but everyone benefiting from it: our consumers do, we do, the planet does.


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