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The two new LANA styles

This winter we have added two new styles to the LANA family: the LANA cape coat and the wool jacket with a modern stand-up collar.

«LANA» means «wool» in Romansh and is therefore the perfect name for our wool jackets, which are developed and handmade in Switzerland . Muntagnard’s lighthouse project embodies the perfect combination of bio-based materials for an active yet stylish lifestyle. Without any compromise between quality, style and comfort.


LANA wool jacket for him (new)

The modern stand-up collar in combination with a classic veston cut make the LANA wool jacket a timeless eye-catcher. Like all LANA jackets, the new stand-up collar model is made from just four bio-based and biodegradable materials. On the outside, the wool jacket contains a specially developed, elegant and simple fabric made from 100% Swiss wool. Inside there is a luxurious and silky soft lining made of European beech wood. The details are made of Swiss deerskin and the buttons are made of nuts. The LANA jacket is made entirely without cotton and synthetics.

  • Main material: 100% Swiss wool
  • Sizes men S – XXL / tailor-made solutions on request
  • colour blue

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LANA cape coat for her (new)

The LANA cape coat with its elegant, feminine design combines the advantages of a light wool jacket with the comfort of a cape.
The cape coat is made from 100% recycled merino wool, a specially developed fabric made from production residues that offers an extremely elegant feel and look. These are production leftovers from the fashion industry that would otherwise be disposed of, but are now being woven into a high-quality material with partners in northern Italy. Thanks to recycling, the lifespan of fibers that have already been produced can be extended, which corresponds to the circular economy and thus Muntagnard’s philosophy.

  • Main material: 100% recycled merino wool from Italy
  • Sizes women XS – L / tailor-made solutions on request
  • Colors dark blue / grey

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LANA wool coat for him and her (existing)

The original LANA wool coat is a homage to traditional jackets made of Swiss wool that have unfortunately disappeared in the meantime – high quality and in a new, modern design. The wool jacket consists of only four bio-based materials and is therefore completely biodegradable. The outer fabric made from Swiss sheep’s wool is an in-house development.

LANA is unique on the textile market and a flagship project for innovative sustainability. The development took almost three years.

  • Main material: 100% Swiss wool
  • Sizes women XS – L / men S – XXL / tailor-made solutions on request
  • Colors blue / green

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