Winter Mask

Background of the development

Our adventure with the neck tube / winter mask began in summer 2020 when we were approached by a local Graubünden organization. Their aim was to offer visitors and tourists who want to enjoy nature and mountains throughout the canton a safe and pleasant ski season.

Winter protective mask
Zur Maske

It goes without saying that we at Muntagnard joined this search and plunged into this completely new and unplanned product development. The topic is of course very important to us personally, which is why we wanted to support wherever possible. Our neck warmer allows the wearer to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Although we never intended to bring a mask solution to market as Muntagnard, we were convinced of it due to the emergency. We decided to develop this promising solution despite the high minimum volume and the immense investment costs. The high level of interest has convinced us to go ahead.

Successful collaborations

In winter 2020/2021 we were able to enter into various exciting collaborations with different ski resorts and companies. Our larger partners included the Graubünden Interest Group (ITG) with numerous Graubünden ski clubs and ski resorts, Lenzerheide Arosa and Adelboden Lenk ski resorts, the St. Moritz tourism region and the Raiffeisen Bank Graubünden. We were also allowed to create an exclusive Raiffeisen / Swiss Ski mask.

We look back with pride on a successful year and are extremely happy that our winter masks have actively contributed to the fact that a large part of Swiss winter tourism was able to function within the legal guidelines during the challenging Corona period.

Developed in Switzerland

Developed in Switzerland

The winter mask was designed and developed in Switzerland in collaboration with the Innovation Unit. The production takes place in northern Italy.

Innovative and comfortable

Innovative and comfortable

Due to the innovative knitted structure, the neck tube offers the ideal combination between functionality and comfort.

Protective and durable

Protective and durable

The material of the winter mask is extremely durable (>30 washes at 60 degrees) and is also coated with HeiQ Viroblock.



To the product

Swiss Mask Force logo

Instead of competing with each other on the mask market, the three young Swiss companies Unrepa from Thurgau, Ha? Wear from Valais and the Graubünden company Muntagnard have decided to work together for more protection and security. The first joint product in the form of a winter community mask is perfect for the coming winter.

Properties of the Livipro Tube Mask

Particle filtration

The masks filter droplets with a particle filtration efficiency of 99%, which are 10 times smaller than required by the Swiss standard SNR 30000


Swiss technology

The masks are equipped with LIVIPRO® (Liquid Virus Protection) technology. In addition, the masks are made in Switzerland


To wash

You can wash the mask 50 times. Particle retention, protection against splashes and air permeability when breathing are retained.

Answer questions

We found that different test procedures lead to different test results.

We developed our mask in 2020 according to the official recommendations of the BAG and tested the Swiss test institute SQTS recommended by the BAG. In addition, we have arranged another test at the international test laboratory Intertek to check the result with their test procedure.

You can find the test results here:

Test report Intertek
Test report SQTS
Test report longevity

It is not a medical product or personal protective equipment. The masks are not certified as protective masks. The use is intended to minimize the spread of droplets.

Disposable masks and filters lead to major environmental problems and also endanger the environment and animals in Switzerland (see also here ). For this reason, we deliberately did not want to use filters in order to reduce the amount of waste generated. The masks also have to be washed every time the filter is changed because the fabric has been potentially contaminated by viruses. In addition, the general use of our products should be as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. That’s why we tested and developed different types of masks and materials until we found the right combination.

The longevity of our mask was also tested at SQTS: After washing 30 times at 60 degrees, a dimensional stability of 0% was achieved, which speaks for the longevity of the product.

We have had the longevity of our winter mask tested by SQTS. After washing 30 times at 60 degrees, dimensional stability of 0% was achieved. This means that the mask neither expands nor contracts, which speaks for the longevity of the product.

Extracts from the BAG:

«People aged twelve and over must wear a mask in all public transport. The mask requirement applies in trains, trams and buses as well as in mountain railways, cable cars and ships. This does not apply to ski lifts and chairlifts. There is also a mask requirement on all scheduled and charter flights that take off or land in Switzerland. “

You can find more about this on the BAG website here .

We have deliberately omitted a nose clip. This is mainly because if you fall while skiing or snowboarding, the nose clip literally goes into the eye and can cause serious injuries in the facial area. We didn’t want to take that risk. That is why we opted for an elastic material that adapts well to the face, which means we can do without an additional nosepiece.

We had never actually planned to offer masks / neck tubes. This is basically because the materials required for the protection required by the BAG in terms of filtration efficiency, breathability and splash resistance do not meet our own sustainability criteria with regard to recyclability. In mid-July 2020, however, the “Impulse Group Graubünden” made us aware of a challenge that was also very relevant for our customers, who like us enjoy winter sports. The mountain railways are to be understood as public transport by definition, which is why a mask is required. We therefore discussed the situation and challenge with representatives of the Graubünden impulse group and then worked on a possible solution for a “mask” that is especially suitable for winter. It should be a “gadget” that you don’t have to wear, but want to wear. We probably had the luck of the capable: Within a very short time, we were able to find both an experienced product designer and, through him, an innovative production company, which made the development of this product possible in the first place. Our production partner was able to guarantee us right from the start that a fabric meets the highest European standard “UNS-1”, which is still valid throughout Europe. Of course, we didn’t just want to meet the protection standard applicable in Europe, we also wanted to achieve the Swiss standard. For this reason, we have developed a product solution so that we can support the development of protection concepts for the winter. We hoped to be able to make a contribution to regions severely affected by the Covid situation by offering the option of a beautiful and safe mask solution:

  • First and foremost, it is about protecting the population. If we can contribute something, we will try our best to support it and offer a solution. We were happy to initiate this development through the request of the impulse group Graubünden.
  • Our customers lead an active life between the city and the mountains. We would like to offer these people solutions so that they can maintain their active lifestyle as unrestrictedly as possible.
  • Even if the materials used do not yet fully meet our sustainability criteria in terms of recyclability, with the Muntagnard Winter Community Mask we can offer a more sustainable alternative to the currently countless disposable masks (reduction of the waste problem).
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